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MBA – Married But Available

In the US, an MBA is a Masters In Business Administration degree that will hopefully help you become a rich mogul or entrepreneur. However, in the world of Shagbook, MBA means, married but available. This can mean many different things. First of all, it could mean that your potential hook up is part of a swinging relationship. This means that their partner will probably want to be involved in some respect in your shag, even if they just want to watch or hear about it afterwards.

Someone who is MBA could also have an open relationship arrangement with their spouse. Open relationships always look different depending on the relationship. Sometimes a married couple will have a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy, and other times their open relationship will be very communicative and the partner will know everything about you.
Of course, someone who says they are married but available could just be stepping out on a spouse, in which case you’ve got to decide if you want to take part in the secretive fun. Being the “other” and sneaking around can be kind of a fun and sexy feeling that can enhance a smoking hot sexual relationship! is the hottest hookup site online. With over 1 million active members, you can satisfy your every need. Shagbook has multiple different sites custom tailored to fit your every desire. Search for free and join today.

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Can You Laugh Girls Into Bed?

Online dating may open the door to hundreds of potential partners, but it’s also a competitive arena. Hundreds of other guys are also competing for the attention of girls. 

Numerous studies indicate that a sense of humour is a high-ranking priority for girls. The more you can make a girl laugh, the more likely she is to sleep with you. Less so the other way round. Looks are more important for guys.

A good sense of humour can get you a long way with a romantic partner. Research shows that being able to make a girl laugh is a good indicator she is romantically interested you. 

As a matter of fact, humour is a key factor in forging a long-lasting relationship. It indicates you have an agreeable and sociable personality, helps people decide whether you are good fun and develops neural pathways that enable you to establish a deeper relationship. 

Researchers investigating how humour enhances courtship discovered how making people laugh is regarded as a strong personality trait. Not only is humour a hit with the girls but also elevates your social life and career path.

The Immigration Game 

Participants in various studies revealed they quickly decide on the suitability of potential partners if the candidate appears to be humorous. A sharp with is a good indicator of intelligence, divergent thinking and creativity. 

However, some researchers think connecting humour with intelligence is a generalisation. 

Professor Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas says comparing humour with a sign of intelligence does Not “give humour its due credit…Finding someone who appreciates your sense of humour is valuable in its own right.”

And in the online dating game, finding someone with a compatible sense of humour is where things can go awry – especially when you’re meeting people from different cultural and social backgrounds. 

study performed by Chinese immigrants at the University of British Columbia in Canada concluded that singles looking for love on online dating websites yielded a higher response rate by writing something witty on your profile. 

People looking for a potential partner online value a sense of humour highly. Other research has shown that male singles that demonstrate they are blessed with wit and charm receive more replies from girls.

Crafting Funny Online Dating Profiles 

Being funny is good. After all, laughter is the best me

dicine so they say. Empirical evidence also suggests women are more likely to be interested in men that make them laugh. 

However, when it comes to crafting an online dating profile, sex psychologists warn against being too funny. If you drop a joke and depreciating remarks into every other sentence it can make you appear childish – which is irritating. 

The right balance is to be funny and easygoing. Lead with a funny remark, but also describe yourself honestly and realistically. A smattering of witty remarks gives people something to work with for their first message. 

Whether you’re looking for a sex hook-up or a long-term relationship, a good sense of humour will help laugh girls into bed. Why not test your wit with the girls on Shagbook.

Working from home, homeschooling and looming financial burdens weighed on numerous relationships. Restrictions in the movement have impacted long-distant romances, new relationships and marriages. 

For couples in a relationship which was already fraught with tension, the cracks on the surface opened up to reveal the underlying problems. 

As countries gradually emerge from quarantine and ease into the ‘new normal’, reports suggest a spike in the number of married couples filing for divorce.

The fallout from the pandemic is a higher number of singles or separated people looking for a new romantic adventure. It’s almost certain that people will ramp up their efforts to find comfort in a relationship before the next lockdown. 

Whether you’re looking for excitement, a one-night-only sex hookup or a serious long-term relationship, online dating websites open doorways to a world of love, sex and excitement. 

The Need For Intimacy 

Humans have an innate need for intimacy. Sharing close moments, both verbally and physically, increases health and happiness. Without intimacy, you deny basic emotional needs and are more likely to feel depressed and mentally unstable. 

Singles may already be wondering how coronavirus will impact their need for physical intimacy. Touch and physical contact by a trusted person has a positive impact on your mental and physical health. 

Experts are well aware of the human need for emotional intimacy. The Dutch government even advised their singletons to find a sex buddy to help protect mental health. 

As a matter of fact, studies show that regular sex is good for mental and physical health. When you orgasm, the body releases the hormone prolactin which helps relieve stress and invites relaxation. In turn, you get a better night’s sleep. 

Other studies have found that regular sex helps to reduce anxiety and could also lower stress-related blood pressure

Sex Hookups Post Lockdown 

As people start to emerge from self-isolation, one thing is certain; they will be as horny as a dog on heat. Social media is already ablaze with talks of post-lockdown hookups and plans for various sexcapades. 

The general view seems to be there’s going to be “fuckfest”. 

Official sources (except the Dutch), of course, advise against sex hookups or with partners that live in different households. With tons of pent up sexual energy in reserve, it’s a safe bet that most people will ignore what health officials advise. 

However, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take precautions. There are ways of socially-distancing during sex. Health chiefs in New York suggest using glory holes. Whatever takes their fancy. 

Essentially, Covid-19 spreads from one person to the next through the exchange of fluids. But it cannot be passed on purely by having sex. Kissing is ill-advised. So is rimming.

But providing you don’t cough, sneeze or exchange saliva, you can have sexual intercourse without any risk of contracting coronavirus. Want to find a hookup?

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Dating Glossary

GGG – Good, Giving and Game

Search Local Free Sex and Hookups and Shagbook. GGG, good, giving and game to try anything. Hookup for free and find sex dating at

GGG is an acronym that was invented by American sex columnist Dan Savage, who happens to be great at inventing XXX terms. It stands for good, giving and game. Someone who is GGG is basically down for trying anything just about once, even though they might not have any specific kinks of their own. Just because they are good with anything, your hookup may not be into everything, so make sure that once you find your sex date, you find out what the boundaries are.

If you’re super into latex, love PVC rain jackets, want to try bondage or just want to get into swing clubs and have threesomes, then someone who is GGG will be down for all of that – at least one time. Of course, if someone who is good, giving and game doesn’t like something, they might not try it again, but at least they’ve tried it one time!

The giving type means that your hookup will do almost anything to you. So if you are into something that requires a casual sex partner because it needs one, two or more hookups, then make sure you let them know you GGG and especially need help with them giving you exactly the type of free sex you are looking for.

Putting GGG on your online dating profile will open up your world to a whole lot of sexy activity. Are you ready for all of the action and exposure to new kinks and fetishes? People who are in the hook up game love those who are GGG because they are always super fun in the bedroom!

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Dating Glossary

ISO – In Search Of

ISO dating glossary means In search of. Search horny singles looking for NSA dating, sex dating, hook ups and one night stands at

Looking for something specific? Then you had better use the term ISO in your ad. ISO means in search of. So whether you are ISO a blonde bimbo or a brainy brunette, then ISO will help you get responses from chicks who will pique your interest. When you see ISO followed by some qualities in some other peoples’ ads, you will be able to tell if they are looking for someone like you too.

That is the beautiful thing about finding dates and hook ups online. You can really try to find exactly what it is you are looking for and pinpoint what you want. No more wandering out to bars, trying to figure out if the girl is single, let alone if she is into the same hobbies and sexual tastes that you are.

ISO is a great online dating acronym to use to find the perfect person to go on a date with or to invite over for a hook up. Find someone who has a booty to match your juicy ass fetish, or a married couple who is willing to share, with the three little letters that will let others know what you’re searching for.

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