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Penis Size Does Matter When Dating. But Not Too Big, Not Too Small

The age-old question “does penis size matter” never seems to go away. But the fact of the matter is, it matters.

However, before you start worrying about the size of your package, take confidence from another cliche: “There’s something for everyone.”

A recent article in The Sun reveals that some women prefer a smaller penis whilst others are more satisfied in bed with a longer length.

What all women agree on is that healthy sex life can make or break a relationship. Being compatible in the bedroom is important to the success of a long-term relationship.

Online Dating Survey

The penis-size piece comes off the back of a survey performed by online dating sites, ‘Dinky One’ and ‘Big One’.

According to the survey, 44% of the female participants said eight-inches is the ideal size to make them orgasm. 30% of women are happy with a four-inch todger – the same number of women that prefer an 11-inch manhood.

The results of the survey underscore the old adage, “It’s not the size that counts, but how you use it!”

One of the interviewees, Georgia Gardiner agreed. The 26-year-old told reporters she once dated a man with a 7-inch penis but he never satisfied her in bed.

“When we had sex he didn’t put much effort in. He assumed his size meant he didn’t need to do much to pleasure me, which was not only not true, but also a real turn off,” she said.

Women also think that men with a less than average penis size should not feel ashamed or embarrassed.

“Just because a man has a small penis, doesn’t mean he is less of a lover,” Georgina told reporters.

A male interviewee Alfie Tavares, echoed these sentiments. The London bus driver told The Sun, “I knew I was smaller than most guys as I’d seen a lot in changing rooms, so I wanted to make sure I made up for my size by being great at pleasing women in bed.”

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Whenever a woman first starts dating a man, she contemplates whether he will be able to satisfy her in bed. Penis size crosses her mind. Some women want to know early in the dating phase if a man’s package meets their preference.

Deborah-Jay Kelly, 52, says she prefers a larger penis and wants to know the size of a man’s package before she makes the effort of getting to know a potential lover.

She thinks that in 2020, it’s time prospective couples openly discussed sex in the early stages. Online adult hook up dating websites provide people with an ideal platform to discuss things like penis size without feeling embarrassed.

Men with a bigger than average penis may be more confident with women, but they also experience more disappointing experiences. An oversized penis can be painful for women and limits the number of positions couples can try.

Joe O’Brien, 32, of Wellingborough, Northampton told Sun reporters that he feels confident knowing he can pleasure women his larger Han average member so he doesn’t worry about it.

However, he also admitted that some of his conquests were not so impressed.  

“I have dated women before who haven’t appreciated my size. They have been intimidated or found it painful and it’s always awkward as they feel like they can’t say anything about it.”

The crux of the matter is that penis size is a preference. In an age when people can easily connect with strangers online, talking about sexual preferences in the ‘getting-to-know-you’ stages of dating is a question that can help singles identify a potential match.

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Experts Say Sex is Better Than Masturbating. Thanks For That!

Given the choice, most people would rather get laid than knock one out themselves. For singles in the post-pandemic era, that’s easier said than done – although not impossible!

Yet the fact of the matter is that orgasms are good for mental and physical health. Isolation, on the other hand, is not!

Health experts recommend ejaculating at least 21 times a year. It is estimated that men who ejaculate 21 times or more every 12 months, reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. 

However, with sex out of the equation for singles, that only leaves one option. 

According to a survey compiled by Badoo, masturbation has reached epic proportions since lockdown. With bars and clubs out of bounds, the offline dating scene is like a ghost town.

The dating app surveyed over one thousand people aged between 18 to 50 during the lockdown. Three-quarters were singles and confirmed they had not had sex since the country closed. However, they did masturbate more than usual. 

Playing solo is not a bad thing. Medical experts say that masturbating can help ward off mental health whilst you’re in isolation.

However, sexual intercourse is “far more effective” because it releases more endorphins which are better for your general wellbeing. 

Orgasms can also improve other areas of your health. Sex has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease, relieve stress and boost your immune system. 

Mastering Masturbation

If you have found that you need to pull your pud more often since the pandemic, there’s a good chance you will get bored of your solo efforts pretty quickly. 

The award-winning journalist and sexpert, Alix Fox, has published some “top tips” that could provide a solution. Apparently, she says, these nuggets will “spice up masturbating”. 

We hope you’re ready for this:

  1. Observe the sensations in your entire body – joy isn’t only about stimulating the genitals. 
  2. Sit with your back to a door and imagine someone on the other side masturbating in tandem with you
  3. Play with yourself in front of a mirror to build a “positive self-image.” 
  4. Fiddle in the morning rather than at night.
  5. Grind your hips on to your hands and imagine it is somebody else’s private

Sex Dating Websites 

Although social distancing is still recommended, a lift on home-bound restrictions is encouraging people to try dating again. 

Yet with traditional dating scenes off-limits, singles are relying on online dating websites to find a romantic partner. 

According to Pew Research, three-in-ten adults say they have used an online dating site or app. Moreover, the majority report they have had a positive experience. 

The number of people that have met their future spouse through online dating apps has also increased over time. 

Online dating websites are the easiest way to connect with dozens of people that you find physically attractive. Providing you take precautions, sex hookups are not out of the equation either. 

However, health officials recommend taking precautions when meeting up with strangers for sex in the post-pandemic era. Sex is better than masturbating, but there is also more risk of contracting the virus.  

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Will Virtual Dating Help Or Hinder Your Sex Life?

Lockdown wrecked the sex life of many singles. Social distancing in the post-covid world is not exactly being kind to frustrated singles either. 

What’s more, there’s a lot of gossip about virtual dating becoming the new normal. It makes sense for singles looking for a life partner. 

Virtual dating is helping people learn more about what the other person is like. Because chatting through a screen removes some of the romantic intimacy you get IRL, a person’s character shines through. 

If you’re looking for love, virtual dating offers a great option. If you’re looking for a fling or a one-night stand, virtual dating could hinder your sex life. 

Having said that, online dating is still the best way to get laid

How Virtual Dating Helps You Find The Right Person 

Researchers at the Deakin University School of Psychology reveal that people essentially want the same thing in a relationship; warmth and trustworthiness. 

This is true for people that are using online dating to find the right partner, to get back on to the dating scene, or a short-term fling. 

The other fundamentals are vitality and attractiveness, status and resources.

When people are using online dating sites to improve their sex life, vitality and attractiveness is more important than status. 

To improve your sex life through online dating websites, demonstrate to your potential bed partner that you are warm and trustworthy, lots of fun. If you’re not so attractive, don’t expect to punch above your weight. 

How Users Feel About Virtual Dating

Reports reveal that the number of people using online dating websites during lockdown surged by more than 7000%. 

Online dating has continued to dominate the dating scene since some of the restrictions have been lifted. It seems some people actually preferred using virtual dating to find the right person. 

However, it’s not for everyone. 

One survey showed that 27% of people were using dating apps more often than they did pre-coronavirus. Only 8% of people said their habits have not changed a great deal – other than talking for longer.

50% of people said they used online dating websites during the lockdown as much as they did before the pandemic. However, one-third of participants said they do not want to go on a virtual date and would rather wait to go on a real one. 

Shagbook saw a spike in the number of people using webcams. 

Is Virtual Dating the New Normal?

Online dating has been becoming more popular for years and is expected to grow. 

Virtual dating, on the other hand, is receiving mixed reviews. If people have an opportunity to meet offline, that seems like the obvious choice.

However, virtual dating through video calls helps singles determine whether there is any chemistry between them without the hassle and expense of dating outside the home. 

We suspect that once people get used to virtual dating and recognise the value, it will become more popular – just like online dating websites have! 

At the end of the day, virtual dating is a personal preference and depends on what you’re looking for in a relationship. Virtual dating may not help your sex life if you’re looking to meet the right person – but it can if you’re looking for short-term fun. 

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Dating Success

How do you make sure a date goes well? There is really not one sure fire way to make sure to get the hook up in the bag, but you can work on your own dating skills to up your chances. Here are some tips to help any date go smoothly, whether your goal is a one-time hook up or a romantic relationship.

First of all, make sure that in addition to talking, that you also do some listening! For every question you answer, make sure to ask a question. Not only will you learn something interesting about your date, but your date will feel like you are standing on equal ground, and that you are interested in their life!

Talk about the present and future – not about the past. On a first date, no one wants to hear about your ex, your other ex, and your jerk boss from your last job or your childhood problems. Talk about where you are at and where you want to go to give your date an idea of who you are and who you want to be – not who you used to be.

Second, be genuine. Some people feel the need to…exaggerate…certain details about their lives, but that’s not how you’re going to find someone who really wants to be with you for you! Make any date based on the truth and you’ll be well on your way.

Feeling nervous? Keep in mind your date is probably just as nervous as you are! Lighten the tension with a joke about the nerves you guys share, and you’ll be setting in motion something special.

Finally, just be nice. I mean, that is something that could be said for everything in life, but especially with dating. Be nice, courteous and polite to your date. Those three things will take you far!

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