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Hooking Up and One Night Stands

What’s Wrong With a One Night Stand?

Search for millions of singles looking for one night stands, no strings attached relationships and sex dating. Shagbook is the premier site for sexy singles looking for hot sex.

A one night stand, a no strings attached fling, a hookup or whatever you want to call it can be somewhat taboo when it comes to online dating. What is wrong with a one night stand?

People consistently go out to the bars, lounges and nightclubs with the intention of finding someone who is willing to go home with them for the night. It’s perfectly acceptable to be out at a restaurant or bar and listen to some bad pickup lines or maybe have been the victim of someone spurting out a cheesy line.

Today’ social climate makes you tread a little lighter when you head out with the intention of looking for a one night stand, so how are you supposed to feed your body the satisfaction it craves, without getting yourself into hot water?

There are plenty of members on who don’t have a problem with a one night stand and in fact, that’s the exact reason they join a website like Shagbook. As humans, we need to feel another human connection from time to time, with no strings attached and a one night stand can satiate that feeling of wanting. Would you rather be at bar taking a chance on not finding a hookup or having some creeper hit on you all night, without knowing the first bit about them?

Don’t get us wrong, you can still see some weird pickup lines for girls and gals in your private messages and we will continue to laugh at some of the ones that our members share with us.

Getting back to the business of a one night stand. The old way of going out and throwing out a fishing line and hoping to land yourself a hookup doesn’t work anymore. The reason is that the world is changing. With a rise in gender equality and social awareness in every country, the idea of going out and meeting a man or woman for a one night stand could potentially get you in hot water, if the person does not receive your cheeky one liner and small advances. So why bother using old techniques in order to find a one night stand or a hookup?

Using a service like Shagbook, where you pay a monthly fee for access, you can skip the random pick up lines, striking out and offending someone who might not be looking for a random hookup. Is it not easier to browse through some profiles of sexy, hot singles looking for a no strings attached hookup and open up a chat dialogue? You can literally check out the goods before committing to taking the chat to the next level. People are typically honest about their needs and wants, as well as the pictures that they are sharing.

The old way: Go out and guess what that person looks like under the layers of clothing and guess if they are interested in a hookup.

The new way: Check out some NSFW pics up close and personal and decide if you want that person to be your one night stand.

Seriously, is it even a question? Why take the gamble on coming up short and being alone for the night, when you have the ability to guarantee being satisfied with a one night stand? You need something. They need something too. It’s the perfect scenario.

One night stands have been looked at as taboo because of generational opinions on what a relationship should look like. Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers stuck it out and had 1-3 major relationships in their generation and this is due to a number of different factors including access to information, divorce rates, travel and a more conservative view on sexuality. This is not your mother’s matchmaking service. Shagbook is a site for hookups, no strings attached dating and one night stands and frankly, your mother wouldn’t get that anyway, so let’s move on.

As we continue to become a more progressive world, people identify with a variety of different sexualities and more people are moving towards being polyamorous or just not wanting to make a commitment. The next  generation of adults (aged 18+) have begun to explore their sexuality and realize that you don’t need to be in a committed relationship to be happy and you also do not have to choose one type of person. Freedom of choice has given the idea of a safe one night stand a new look and feel.

One night stands are exciting. There are no expectations, no strings attached and if you both are on the same page, it can be explosively excellent. A one night stand involves one thing and one thing only; hot sex. It doesn’t always have to be perfect, but you are both there for one reason and that’s primal satisfaction of your sexual desires. It can be the best sexual encounter, an average sexual experience or just a hookup that should never be spoken about again, but in any scenario it hopefully has achieved the goal of temporary intimacy to satisfy yourself.

Some people find that a one night stand is too detached for them, while plenty of others find a meaningless hookup the perfect one night stand. If the expectations are clear in the beginning, then nobody’s feelings will be hurt. Never forget that safe sex is good sex.

Once you have built yourself an attractive profile page on (and don’t forget to upload lots of pics). It’s a NSFW website, so you can be as shy or aggressive as you like. If you are looking for the perfect hookup or one night stand, then don’t be afraid to upload a picture of yourself that will give your ideal mate an idea of exactly what you are looking for! If you are not looking for a one night stand, that’s fine too because plenty of other members are in search of someone to have fun on a more long term basis. Start your search today and find someone to hookup with tonight. is the hottest hookup site online. With over 1 million active members, you can satisfy your every need. Shagbook has multiple different sites custom tailored to fit your every desire. Search for free and join today.

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Dating Blog

Looking For Love Post-Lockdown?

It’s fair to say that lockdown was tough for most people. For couples in relationships already under strain, the pressure of being in close confinement and the extreme economic concerns reached boiling-point. 

Working from home, homeschooling and looming financial burdens weighed on numerous relationships. Restrictions in the movement have impacted long-distant romances, new relationships and marriages. 

For couples in a relationship which was already fraught with tension, the cracks on the surface opened up to reveal the underlying problems. 

As countries gradually emerge from quarantine and ease into the ‘new normal’, reports suggest a spike in the number of married couples filing for divorce.

The fallout from the pandemic is a higher number of singles or separated people looking for a new romantic adventure. It’s almost certain that people will ramp up their efforts to find comfort in a relationship before the next lockdown. 

Whether you’re looking for excitement, a one-night-only sex hookup or a serious long-term relationship, online dating websites open doorways to a world of love, sex and excitement. 

The Need For Intimacy 

Humans have an innate need for intimacy. Sharing close moments, both verbally and physically, increases health and happiness. Without intimacy, you deny basic emotional needs and are more likely to feel depressed and mentally unstable. 

Singles may already be wondering how coronavirus will impact their need for physical intimacy. Touch and physical contact by a trusted person has a positive impact on your mental and physical health. 

Experts are well aware of the human need for emotional intimacy. The Dutch government even advised their singletons to find a sex buddy to help protect mental health. 

As a matter of fact, studies show that regular sex is good for mental and physical health. When you orgasm, the body releases the hormone prolactin which helps relieve stress and invites relaxation. In turn, you get a better night’s sleep. 

Other studies have found that regular sex helps to reduce anxiety and could also lower stress-related blood pressure

Sex Hookups Post Lockdown 

As people start to emerge from self-isolation, one thing is certain; they will be as horny as a dog on heat. Social media is already ablaze with talks of post-lockdown hookups and plans for various sexcapades. 

The general view seems to be there’s going to be “fuckfest”. 

Official sources (except the Dutch), of course, advise against sex hookups or with partners that live in different households. With tons of pent up sexual energy in reserve, it’s a safe bet that most people will ignore what health officials advise. 

However, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take precautions. There are ways of socially-distancing during sex. Health chiefs in New York suggest using glory holes. Whatever takes their fancy. 

Essentially, Covid-19 spreads from one person to the next through the exchange of fluids. But it cannot be passed on purely by having sex. Kissing is ill-advised. So is rimming.

But providing you don’t cough, sneeze or exchange saliva, you can have sexual intercourse without any risk of contracting coronavirus. Want to find a hookup?

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Hooking Up and One Night Stands

20 Songs For The Best Sex and Hottest Hookups

20 Essential Songs for Hot Sex. The best playlist for a hookup. Looking for a hookup or NSA date? Start your search at Shagbook!

If you are looking for a good playlist to get your shag on, then we found this great list from Society19. There are some great tracks and videos here for you to make the most out of your hookup, whether you are interested in a long term dating or just a saucy one night stand with a naughty local. Without further or due, here is the list. Now go search and find yourself someone to have sex with 😘

Niall Horan – Slow Hands

We’ll start this off gently with easy vibes. Slow Hands is a total hookup song with a nice rhythm you should definitely be able to sweeten up to. Create a “Best Sex Playlist” and add this as number one.

Zayn – Pillowtalk

I think we all know this jam by Zayn, it’s pretty popular. His voice in this one is totally seductive and right for good sex vibes. Not to mention the exoticness of the vid. Add this one too.

Flume – Say It ft. Tove Lo

This follows Zayn well because it’s also an even tempo’d sexy song to hookup to. Not to mention all the “mmm’s” and “ohhh’s” in it, and the high pitched “uuuu’s.” These are some sexual indicators that make it suitable for a “Best Sex Playlist.”

Disclosure – Latch ft. Sam Smith

is a sexy upbeat song you should definitely put on a sex playlist. You have to move fast though or you’ll be behind the beat.

Weeknd – Earned It

A reminder of the sensations that went down in 50 Shades, this song will totally keep you in the mood during sex. So definitely add some Weeknd sounds to the playlist.

Tory Lanez – Luv

Tory Lanez has that ultimate sexy voice if you didn’t know. This man says “mmm” and girls melt. Gotta have some of him on a “Best Sex Playlist.”

Tory Lanez – Pa Mi

Yes he sounds good when he sings in Spanish too. Pa Mi is one of his newest singles featuring Ozuna. The two definitely sound sexy on this track.

Lil Wayne – Lollipop ft. Static Major

If you really want to get hood sexy, play this song. It’ll get things bumping and nasty. Add this song to your “Best Sex Playlist” and keep the vibes going.

Big Sean – So Good ft. Kash Doll (Produced by Metro Boomin)

This song is a bit hardcore so only add it if you can handle it. So Good by Big Sean utters some serious in the bed lines. He doesn’t beat around the bush at all and says exactly what he wants to do. Definitely a track for the “Best Sex Playlist.” Gets me every time.

Ty Dolla $ign – So Am I

Ty Dolla $ign is a definite sexy vibes singer and one of my favorites. I need lots of him on my “Best Sex Playlist” if I want things to go right. Put your hookup on to this!

Ty Dolla $ign – The Light ft. Jeremih

Another word for word. Not to mention the extra sexy raspy voice. If you’re into old school beats this is a good one for you. Ty Dolla $ign.

Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah ft. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, and DJ Mustard

This one is a slow Hip Hop beat with a couple of sexy voices on it to get you going. One of my favorite jams for when I’m in the mood. You can definitely borrow it!

Foxy Brown – Come Fly With Me ft. Sizzla

If you’re into the reggae vibes and wanna keep the sexy lyrics going play this song. It will definitely get your hookup going.

Ella Mai – Trip

This song is especially sweet, by the new artist Ella Mai. Good vibes only. Add this song to your “Best Sex Playlist” if you want a more hipsterish tune to move to.

Dierks Bently – Come A Little Closer

Maybe your’e into something sweeter with a little less bass. Come A Little Closer is just the song for that. Something you can move slow to and romance it.

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

This is another sweet one for those passionate romancers. You can add this to you “Best Sex Playlist.” I think it’s a mix of sweet and hawt though.

Eric Church – Like A Wrecking Ball

This is a personal favorite, but I’ll share it with ya’ll. Eric Church is putting it down in this song. Nothing Sweet about it though. It’s all hardcore “I need you” loving. If you miss your lover sometimes put this on the list.

Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire

A promising love song. This one is sexy and smooth all at the same time. Springsteen sings his heart out in it. Definitely add this to your “Best Sex Playlist.”

Usher – Climax

If you want to really reach a climax add this towards the end of the list. It will build that something extra you need to finish off nicely. Usher is well known for sexy jams and this is one of them.

The Dream – Fruition

This song is a sexual masterpiece. End it slow and hard with this hawt Dream song, Fruition. A sexy-voiced slightly jazzed up hit, with the perfect melody. A jam that you can definitely love up to.

So now that you have a nice variety of types of music to get it on with you hookup, now it’s time to go on the hunt for your latest shag. Search and hookup with a naughty local tonight.

Thank you to Society19 for the curated playlist, but we decided to spruce it up a bit with links to the videos on YouTube.

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Hooking Up and One Night Stands

Hooking Up: The Ugly, The Bad and The Good

Hooking Up: The Ugly, The Bad and The Good brought to you by Shagbook. Find sexy hookups, sex dating, one night stands and horny singles looking for no strings attached sex on

For a good starting point on hooking up, let’s start with the ugly and work our way up to the best case scenario.

Let’s face it. Long lasting relationships that lead to marriage are hard work and in the past 5 years, divorce rates have been climbing to around 50%. There is a long list of reasons as to why marriages and relationships fail, including infidelity, financial disagreements and unhealthy environments for children. 5 years ago, the words divorce or separation were looked at with such negative connotations, that it forced unhappy couples to stay together and try and work things out, when the relationship could have been toxic.

Today, with over half of all marriages ending up in divorce, there is a good chance that you know someone who has gone through the process of splitting up with their partner. The negativity towards dissolution of a marriage has been slowly dwindling because of normalization. Enough people split up lives and families, that it’s generally accepted in society. There are also enough people who have gone through this separation process, that they never have intent to get married again.

This is where a hookup site like Shagbook can help make an ugly situation better. People coming out of broken relationships still have the primal need for human connection without the emotional baggage that comes with a relationship. Nobody wants to sit and listen to a recent divorcee talk about the skeletons in their closet or the problems they had in their last relationship, while they are trying to get together to just hookup with no strings attached.

OK. Let’s skip to the hooking up part and leave the skeleton’s in the closet. If you are the recently single person, shut your mouth and remember that you are on a date with a sexy single who wants nothing other than primal satisfaction. If you are on the other side of the table, listening to your potential hookup talk about their problems, be up front and honest with why you are meeting each other in the first place. You are there to hookup, nothing more and nothing less. If the person obsessively continues to talk about themselves and it’s unattractive, just pay your portion of the bill and leave. It will be their fault they miss out on a one night stand, no strings attached, no feelings hookup.

The reality is that not every meet up is going to turn into a hookup because people need to have realistic expectations. You met this person on a site where people pay a monthly fee to have access to members who are looking to have a good time, with no strings attached. Are love connections made on Yes of course they are, but that is not what this website is designed for. It is designed to feed your primal desires to have sex and hookup (safely) with people who share the same non-monogamous values.

Moving onto a bad scenario for your hookup, let’s assume you have made it to your flat or their place and it seems like it’s the perfect recipe for a successful hookup.

You have done all of your research on this person and they have done their fair share of internet stalking to see who you really are. Both of you have been chatting and there is enough chemistry there where you are both ready to take the next step and hookup with no strings attached.

Back to the flat, it’s imminent why you are there because you have already chatted about it and made the decision to hookup in real life. Skip the pleasantries and just go for it. If the person doesn’t reciprocate right away, you can always lighten the mood with a casual conversation about the day and possibly reiterate the chat you have had on Shagbook about likes and dislikes to get comfortable again. Settled? Okay good.

Get right into the heavy petting and make out scene and get your hookup into the bedroom. Things are hot and heavy and going well and then there is a performance issue. BAD. It seems like it just is not happening and the hookup possibility is dead. Performance issues can happen to both men and women and it’s more common than you would think, especially for newcomers to a hookup site. It’s embarrassing for your hookup partner, so be a little bit sensitive if you can. It might be worthwhile to try a little foreplay or bring out some sex toys to enhance the anticipation. You might as well do everything in your power to lighten the mood in hopes that it allows your partner to relax a bit. The eventual outcome is either you have no strings attached sex, or you end up sticking with foreplay and satisfying yourself. At this point, it’s time to give up. Send your hookup home and head back and start your hunt again.

Now this is just one possible bad scenario and there are many stories that we have heard regarding bragging, embellishing and outright lying which all potentially lead to a bad experience for your hookup. Make sure you do everything you can to set expectations for your hookup, so nobody ends up disappointed. If foreplay and toys are part of the equation, then talk about it with your hookup and also remind them that you are looking for a no strings attached fling or a one night stand. Even a bad hookup situation can be remedied. Remember that not everyone is a pro and practice makes perfect. With new members joining the site everyday, it’s possible that you might be just breaking someone into the hookup scene, so keep that in mind.

Saving the best for last, let’s talk about the recipe for a successful GOOD hookup. Due diligence is an important factor when you are making a connection with someone on Shagbook. You should be creating dialogue with your potential hookup and using the platform to communicate/chat about what you are looking to accomplish. Do you want a one night stand? Are you looking for a consistent sexy hookup or just looking to have a little sexy fun and see where it takes you?

If you are open with your potential hookup, then you will get exactly what you want. Chat about your likes, dislikes and boundaries. Find out the same about your hookup and see how far you can push the limits. If you are both transparent with what the expectations are, then it might be the perfect recipe for a no strings attached hookup.

Once you have met your hookup on real life, keep it casual. Remember you are both there for consensual, no strings attached sex. If you both know the terms of hooking up, then there is a better chance of the your sex dating adventures being great.

As we said above, some real love connections are made at Shagbook, but we are a hookup site for horny singles who are looking for one night stands and no strings attached dating. This is a place for you to be discreet and have fun! Sex is fun and you should be enjoying intimacy with others who share the same primal sex drive that you have.

Be safe and be courteous. There are plenty of members that may not be your perfect long term match, but might be the best hookup for you right now. Start your search today and remember that not every hookup is great, but you can make the best out of every situation and if you can’t, there is another person waiting to give you the attention that you need and deserve. Happy hunting!


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